The beginnings…

Art Defiance was born in 1994 under a different name, “Perfect Trading”. In 2010, a partnership bloomed with A.T. Art and Beauty, and the company’s vision shifted entirely and narrowed down to handmade fashion accessories, beauty, and skin care.

In 2013, the company started working with partners from the United States and three years later, A.T Art &Beauty finally opened a branch in the USA and started rebranding under the new name, Art Defiance.

Art Defiance and fashion

Art Defiance uses the established forte of ancient European aesthetic to create fashion oriented international products. Our understanding of ancient designs and the innovative use of traditional crafts has created an entirely new style of defying classicism.

The brand’s charter involves pushing boundaries and forging alliances with design talent across the world to create a unique, sophisticated, handcrafted product.

The products at Art Defiance are meant to make you feel individual. It’s time to cast away the idea that wearing the same mass-produced in China clothes is the only way to be trendy.

Be distinct, be special, be you!

We offer a wide variety of stunning designs, interesting cuts, and captivating concepts made to fit the body types of women of every size, smaller or curvy and everything in between.

Each product developed and sold on Art Defiance is measured and cut to fit you perfectly. Each item is given careful attention and made for your unique fit and style.

Be your gorgeous self by allowing yourself to have a style made just for you!

Art Defiance – Magical European Beauty Products

With European background, we know how to pick makeup brands that you’ve never heard of… until now. We make sure we pick the best products that you will never want to live without ever again.

Beauty is a passion that grows and changes every day. Be open to what’s coming next and leave preconceived notions behind.

We will guide you into a new beauty utopia.

We are bringing a European sense of beauty to you.

We want to always put you first!

Wouldn’t you like to use the organic, invigorating makeup brand that made Italy rave? Or the luxurious skin care product that shocked France and Europe with its purity? What about the Polish eyeshadow concept that astonished the European bloggers with its stunning pigmentation?

Art Defiance is here to usher in a new age of beauty products where the consumer’s health, safety, and delight are the top measures of a products success.