For over 25 years, Art Defiance has always been about making things a little bit different than everyone else. 

We are a clothing and beauty company that stands for something more, with a goal to carry products that cater to the free spirit in all of us and to create a community of like-minded individuals.


Art Defiance is made for your Alter Ego 


Our mission has always been to go beyond the traditional sense of fashion and beauty, building confidence and empowering you with exceptional ways to express your unique self. 

We offer the highest quality handmade fashion-forward designs and beauty products adored by Europeans, redefining the “made to measure” concept and giving you the perfect fit, no matter what you’re after.


To feed your Alter Ego you must embrace your own unique and spirited self, setting loose your personal sense of style and showing the world who you truly are.


We simultaneously live on two continents and value the diversity we observe in the world.

We aim to always do the right thing, with passion, precision, and pace.

We trust and embrace one another, celebrating our successes together.