Over the past several years, we have truly made a name for ourselves in delivering flawless, fabulous fits for countless high-level occasions, including shows, events, video and photo shoots, and TV and movie productions. Women throughout Europe and the US wear our unique designed and handmade original looks.


In today’s world of insanely fast-fashion and mass production, where the real price is paid by slave-like 3rd world labor hidden behind the curtains of glamorous billboards and TV ads, we believe in the value of small business and fair trade.

At Art Defiance, we are proud to work with a small team of handpicked and highly qualified haute couture tailors, all in the tradition of the old couture fashion houses. Every piece we sell is made in-house at studios located in the US and Europe using only fair trade materials.



Because we work with high-level couture designers, each and every piece is meticulously crafted and truly unique.  We focus on quality over quantity, producing limited release pieces that are a work of art and unique to each woman who owns them.

With studios located in the US and Europe, we cater to a wide market of fashion-forward women who seek to embrace their alter ego through exceptionally high-quality clothing and playful design.

At Art Defiance, we employ our own in-house staff of makeup artists, photographers, and graphic designers to ensure that the true spirit of each piece we sell is captured visually.