PURVITAL – Integral Action Anti-Aging Cream,1.7fl oz



Dermatherm Purvital Integral Action Anti-Ageing Cream 50ml face and neck with unctuous and mild texture prevents and corrects wrinkles, acting on the responsible factors of cutaneous aging.

Thermal Spring Water of Fumades-les-Bains brings its soothing and regenerating properties and its formula combining 10 exclusive actives, hyaluronic acid, and powerful antioxidant acts efficiently to:

  • protect against free radicals, pollution, and photo-induced aging,
  • highly moisturize and stimulate cutaneous microcirculation,
  • regenerate and firm by stimulation of collagenic matrix,
  • plumps the skin.

PATENTED INNOVATION • NO parabens • NO preservatives • NO fragrance • NO alcohol • NO lanolin • NO animal material • NO colorant • NO silicone • NO mineral oil • NO GMO • Innovation – UHT sterilized • Not tested on animals.

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