US Size for clothes is a chaos

US Size for clothes

The fashion world from the United States is facing an exciting but worrying phenomenon.

Currently, a lot of platforms are created with a single purpose: To help customers find the size for their clothes. This is a severe problem that’s driving people insane when they try to find a good piece of clothing.

A size 10 from a brand has nothing to do with the size 10 from another brand. These platforms are trying to help shoppers find the correct size across thousands of brands.

US size for clothes changed so much.

This whole phenomenon happened because there is a more significant need for strategies that companies start to feel and implement. A few years ago, in the US there was a standard in sizing. The medium size was medium size, and everyone was accepting it.

There is no such thing as a standard body.

Before we get more into the problem, we have to clarify an important fact. Since the beginning of the fashion industry, many creators or fashion critics thought that they can assume what our body standards are. How they can measure our bodies and how they can sell their products better. If we stop here, nothing is wrong, but if we go deeper, we notice that in the United States we are facing a “standard body” measurement.

What is the standard body size?

Who decided it?

Of course, we can talk about genetics and the percentage of people having the same body size. But there are still so many body types out there, and they struggle to find the right fashionable clothes to look good on them.

What can these people do?

They cannot face or counter genetics. Actually, only a few small companies care about these people and how they can feel fashion.

Is US size based on Branding or Fashion?

Once upon a time in the United States, every fashion company would follow a standard style sizing concept. Small was Small, Medium was Medium and so on. Things escalated quickly, and nowadays, each brand started to care more and more about what the majority of their customers prefer to buy.

Basically, every brand developed its own sizing system, and from that, chaos. We all have that feeling of inconsistency because certain brands will focus on a 50-year-old audience where sizes have nothing to do with a 20-year-old. And because they want to keep up with the trends, the clothes are very similar, everyone is confused, and chaos starts.

It is difficult to find the perfect size that can fit your body.

Because of this whole brand marketing, audience group targeted strategies, it is almost impossible for someone to find clothes that are perfect fit and fashionable at the same time. What are the solutions, what you can do about it and how easy it is to find clothes you like?

We came up with the idea of starting a company that can solve all these problems for you. ArtDefiance is all about expressing yourself and how you can have the most exciting experience by far. The mission of our made-to-measure clothes is to protect you and the rest of the world from boring fashion.

Mass-produced clothes are getting boring, and we want to bring you the best custom fashion European products,

US size strategies that can influence customers

It is no secret that a lot of brands started to implement so-called “vanity sizing” strategies. They make the clothes more significant than the size they put on the tag. If you decide to buy a size 4 shirt, it would probably really be a size 6 shirt.

This is a strategy based on a psychology principle. If you think that you are wearing smaller sizes of clothes, it is more likely for you to buy it. Maybe you think that you lost some weight or it looks better on your body.

You can verify this theory by going into the stores and try out the same size clothes and see if they fit you all the same. The Washington Post published research saying that a dress that is size 8 today was about volume 16 in 1958.

Wrapping up

To wrap things up, the communities that are fighting against the industrialization of fashion are not many at all.

We just love ethical fashion, and we try to send a message, to warn you that some companies may influence you to buy their products.

Try to be different and step up your game.

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